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The term hallux valgus actually describes what happens to the big toe. Hallux is the medical term for big toe, and valgus is an anatomic term that means the deformity goes in a direction away from the midline of the body. So in hallux valgus the big toe begins to point towards the outside of the foot As this condition worsens, other changes occur in the foot that increase the problem. Once the surgeon is satisfied that the toe is straight and well balanced, the skin incisions are closed with small stitches. A bulky bandage is applied to the foot before you are returned to the recovery room. Rehabilitation Rehabilitation recommendations that lead to the best possible outcome for the hallux valgus surgery patients are those rehabilitation programs that begin one week after surgery, extending three to four times per week, and continue for, at least, six weeks. Keep in mind, however, that even this aggressive type of surgery may still not aid in healing or repair of the big toe which may continue to give your loved one complications in the long term. The unfortunate fact is that hallux valgus is a progressive deformity, meaning that this condition will not simply go away, and will actually get worse if not tended to properly.hallux valgus angle Hallux varus refers to an abnormal positioning of your big toe. It's a deformity that occurs most frequently following corrective bunion surgery. Normally, your big toe points straight forward, but with hallux varus, its position deviates toward the mid-line, or inner edge, of your foot, away from your other toes. Severe hallux varus can cause pain and discomfort while walking and make it difficult to find shoes that fit properly. Surgical correction may be required if your big toe is rigidly fixed in place. For mild to moderate cases, it's possible to relieve symptoms using a holistic approach and conservative measures. Hallux Varus Function and Anatomy. New surgery, such as laser and minimally invasive, will cure my bunion painlessly and quickly. Alas if this was true then I would be the first to invest in the equipment. The essence of good hallux valgus surgery is to correct all of the presenting components of the deformity and as a result surgery will involve elements of several historic procedures. For the majority of patients an open procedure with solid internal fixation and sensible rehabilitation will result in an excellent result. Cutting corners may well lead to disappointment. The median prominence of the first metatarsal head image is inspected and any squaring as well as erosion should be noted. The symptoms of hallux usually center on the bunion. The bunion is painful. The severe hallux valgus deformity is also distressing to many and becomes a cosmetic problem. Finding appropriate shoe wear can become difficult, especially for women who desire to be fashionable but have difficulty tolerating fashionable shoe wear. Finally, increasing deformity begins to displace the second toe upward, and may create a situation where the second toe is constantly rubbing on the shoe. Diagnosis The 3pp Bunion-Aider is lined in a non-slip, breathable foam that helps hold the splint in place and provides comfortable cushioning. The 3pp Bunion-Aider can easily be adjusted to tolerance.